Football Coach

I coached in Europe, in France and Czech Republic and worked with different coaches and professional players who helped me and gave me another way of looking at football. I have been a coach for 10 years now and currently work in Prague for TJ Sokol Řepy and League5 Academy. My passion for football does not stop at the technical part. The tactical, psychological and physiological aspects must also be included in order to bring each player to the next level.

Prague x Europe

At the heart of Europe, Prague is a city with an exceptional cultural richness. But it is also a sporty city, its sports clubs and parks allow people to practice many sports activities. And its ideal geographical position gives the opportunity to quickly join other European capitals.

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Herbalife, your partner for a good nutrition every day. To have an healthy and balanced diet, while practicing physical activity, these are two  key factors for your well-being and a fit body. Herbalife offers you a wide range of products as well as a personalized coaching to support you in your nutrition program. It's a balanced and healthy nutrition that gives you the energy you need for your daily activities : foods rich in protein, fiber, unsaturated fats and healthy carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, essential nutrients for your body.


My goal is the same as Herbalife : to promote a balanced and active lifestyle. We think we can do this by combining a balanced diet and physical exercise. Herbalife Nutrition offers nutritional supplements and sports products, to help its consumers achieve this goal. I am here to help you along the way to you reconcile with a good diet, adapted to your goals.


Allan Sauquet
+420 702 155 620
IČO : 04714202
Independent Herbalife Member

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